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Home & Away Icons

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About Us:
This community is to post and share icons from the Australia soap Home & Away.

1 - All posts containing icons must include three Home & Away related icons. These icons can include a H&A actor/actress in another role.

2 - If you are posting more than three icons then you must use the lj-cut tag.

3 - You can post icons for an unrelated fandom, but you must have three new H&A related icons in your post. And one of those must be in the teaser.

4 - Do not post icons that aren't made by you.

5 - Any other graphics such as fan art, banners, colour bars, mood themes, and wallpapers are also allowed, but must be hidden beneath an lj-cut. You can use up to three mood theme images as teasers.

6 - No bashing other posters. Constructive critism is allowed, but just saying "that's awful" isn't.

7 - No Off Topic posts! This community isn't for general chat - it's for icons. There's plenty of message boards/communities where you can chat.

8 - Instead of using an lj-cut in your post you can also link to your own journal. But you must use teaser icons in your post to this community.

9 - All icons posted here can be used by others. If you do take an icon then credit the icon maker and do not direct link/hotlink to his/her images.

10 - There are two H&A sites that do a Weekly Icon Contest that will be posted here every Saturday. Feel free to enter!


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